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Our professional Internet architects can build your entire project from the ground up or evaluate and advise you along the way. Start by considering what you want your web site to do and who your target market is as this will dictate specific requirements and functions down the road. Defining these parameters early will help keep costs and timelines under control. These are some of the critical issues we consult with our clients about every day. From design, development, project management and production, we've done it all and you can benefit from that experience! Collect all the information and content you have, shoot us an email and get started building your exciting new venture!

As a Webmaster in the Technology and Research Division for a branch of the Federal Government we provided Internet, World Wide Web design and management support for intranet and external website resources. We produced numerous multimedia projects such as Interactive CDs and videos to support national conferences, technical assistance projects, and training to staff as well as Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Profuzion began in Southern California performing web site design, development, administration; digital video and image editing; online video streaming; print and digital graphic design; 3D/2D animation; and sound editing. We have several in-house degrees, such as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and an Associate of Science in Multimedia Design as well as certification in Desktop Publishing and Advertising Design.


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