Content Production is truly an art and I’m committed to the perfection of your material! Top of the line equipment will capture your event with the best digital quality available. I can film for a couple of hours or capture the entire duration of your event. A good camera, in and of itself, does not make a good video, nor does a good computer guarantee a great editor. It takes more to create content that will spark interest or stir the emotions. Whether your budget is large or small; whether your wishes are for something simple yet elegant, or filled with all the latest and greatest in digital editing, you’ll find it here. My programs permit you to customize your own content package, paying only for what you need. My clients love their projects regularly referring friends and colleagues. More than a creative producer; I’m a professional storyteller generating content that will be revered for a long time to come! I have produced content with models for smaller, local companies as well as International Corporations. With years of internal Production Management experience I’ve managed various producers, assets and productions, and even on-location when necessary.

I can help you by editing the film footage that you’ve already shot, or dated video files. You might have videos in your drawers that you never look at because they are too long and you wish you could make it shorter, so only the best is kept. Customers are more likely to watch your valuable film/video when its edited properly. With an extensive editing suite at our disposal, we’ll work closely with you making the finished product exactly the way you imagined.

Specializing in packaging design and sales materials relating to multimedia, I can design a DVD cover, sleeve (video box) or insert (printed sheet inserted into a “clam-shell” case) for a single title or produce a boxed set. If you need to produce a DVD version of an existing ‘legacy’ title I can update your existing artwork or create it from scratch. Also if your project is in Black and White, I can colorize the cover art as well as brochures, newsletters, calendars, sales sheets, flyers, magazine or newspaper ads, catalog pages or complete catalogs and posters – the ideas are endless!

A common feature at most major conference is the use of video display or projection. Between sessions, your conference or company logo can by displayed on large screen throughout the venue. This form of visual advertising is both cost-effective and smart. Attendees walk away with the distinct memory of your company and it’s branded image. From your identity package to conference videos, maintain a consistent look and feel with your particular event. The projected video can consist of a static image which communicates continuously, an agenda-specific slideshow consisting of images and a brief message as another way to attract attention and peak interest for upcoming sessions or the most effective way to grab attendees attention is with movement. Motion sequences, with sound, can serve as mini-commercials pitching your important message to the masses.

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